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We are currently accepting reservations for our 2024/25 master list. We have 5 amazing litters planned. You will secure a spot on the list once your application is received along with your $500 deposit. 


(All dates are a best guess, and need flexibility.  We ultimately can’t control fertility.

Reach us below in the contact form, or email

Reese & Scout

Reese & Scout will be honeymooning in April. Puppies will go home  in August. They produce gorgeous puppies! We expect the puppies to have chocolate phantoms, some with white markings, parti and roan coloring. Their puppies will be in the 25-35lb range. This will be their only litter of 2024. *This litter is fully reserved*

*Photo is of their first litter*

*Photo is of their second litter*

Maizie & Teddy


Maizie & Teddy will be honeymooning in June. Puppies will go home in October. This will be a litter of minis! Maizie is 13lbs and Teddy is 14lbs. We expect them to have beautiful caramel red coats some with white markings. Their size range should be under 20lbs.


Pearl & Teddy


Pearl & Teddy

Fall 2024



Dolly & Teddy


Dolly & Teddy

Late 2024


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