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Our family got our first Australian Labradoodle Scout in July 2020. We immediately fell in love with this breed. He was everything and so much more than we ever could’ve dreamt a dog to be. He has a beautiful temperament, he is so loving, so smart and trained so fast. We knew that this was the breed we would continue to have.  A year later after the sudden loss of our Lab, we brought home our micro mini girl Mia. We were completely smitten. When I picked her up, I mentioned to our  breeder that I was considering breeding. She was so excited to mentor me and help get me started. Dec 2021, we brought home Reese with the hopes of breeding her with Scout. After much training and extensive health testing, we are so excited to launch our small business. Christina has been a life long animal lover. Bringing puppies into this world, loving them, and sharing them so they can bring joy to others, is an absolute dream come true! 


All of our dogs are raised in our home or their guardian home as beloved family dogs. No kennels here!! We focus on breeding healthy dogs with amazing temperaments who make great therapy or family companions. Each of our breeding dogs undergo extensive health testing to ensure our puppies are the healthiest and happiest bundles of joy they can be. We will breed only the finest bloodlines, producing puppies with exceptional health and temperament. You are guaranteed an intelligent, gentle, fun loving, therapeutic, family member!

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